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I love reading motivational books. And I believe that if you truly believe in something and you put all your energy into it, taking meaningful action, you will achieve it. And I also believe that time is precious, because it is limited so it is very important what you do with it.


Materials and tools used:

White Fimo Professional Polymer Clay, a pasta machine, a silicone mold, pastels and mica powders, liquid Fimo, a texture plate and varnish.

I have prepared the polymer clay and rolled it through the pasta machine (15-20 times). I have used the silicone mold to get the owl imprint.


I have cut the inside part.


I have put the clock in, pressed the clay to the metal frame, making sure that the clock button (allowing to set the time) was not trapped in the clay. I have cut it all around using the guiding lines left by the mold.


I have prepared a sheet of polymer clay that I have imprinted with the texture sheet.


I have turned this sheet on the other side and I have placed the owl on top of it. I have used Liquid Fimo for a better bond. I have also pressed well the two parts (the owl and the back) together. I have cut again around the owl.


I have made some indentations on the margins to have a nice pattern.


I started coloring with green pastels.


Then I have added also mica powders.




I have put it in the oven (the clock did not suffer any damage) and then I have applied two layers of varnish.

P.S. Finally I had to admit to myself that I am rather a morning person in the present. I concentrate better in the morning, I express myself better (so I decided to write my posts in the morning). When I was working as a translator, I did my translations during the night and at that time, I functioned better during the night. Our rhythm changes, yet  sometimes we refuse to change with it.

Thank you for being here for me and reading my posts!

Time is precious by Mihaela Georgescu


    1. It is very important to just sit at your table and try to make something. I almost always start with an idea, but in the end I change my mind completely and I am surprised myself by the end results. Not to mention that I have made a lot of interesting things just by accident. I wanted to do something, but in the process something happened, yet the result was better than my initial idea. I think it is very important to just play with clay, you’ll be amazed of the possibilities and freedom you have with it. I have not started out with the idea of putting the clock inside the owl, but after making the polymer clay owl, my eyes fell on the clock on my desk and I realized I could try to embed the clock into the owl… And I must say that I was happy with the end result.

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