Inspired by Stained Glass

Like any journey, my journey has ups and downs. There are days when I feel very creative, the ideas just flow and days when, as hard as I might try, the result is not satisfying. I have learned that you cannot control creativity. Trying to control it makes things more difficult (at least for me). So all I have to do is to wait for the next moment when I am inspired to create and I feel from the beginning that from all the ideas I might have, one particular idea is the one I was looking for.

Materials and tools used for this project: white Fimo Professional Polymer Clay, a toothpick, a carving tool, a screw, Pinata alcohol inks, triple thick glossy varnish, Marabu Relief Paste for glass, an aluminium can.

I have conditioned the clay, made a large ball, flattened it a little and put it through the pasta machine through the thickest setting.

I have put the polymer clay sheet on an aluminum can. I have overlapped one part over the other part.


The cuff  is wider in front and narrower in the back.



I textured the margins. First using a carving tool (to press the polymer clay inside) and then with a toothpick.


I imprinted flower patterns.



I modeled the edges to be more wavy.



Using a screw, I textured a little bit the area around the flowers.

I pressed the cuff and the aluminium can to have a more irregular shape.


I started adding nail art silver leaf (I did not cover the entire cuff, just parts of it).

Then I put it in the oven according to the polymer clay manufacturer specifications.



Using the Marabu relief paste for glass, I made a 3D contour of the flowers. I let it dry for an hour.



I started coloring the flowers with yellow Pinata alcohol ink (diluted with rubbing alcohol).


I added some red Pinata alcohol ink on the yellow alcohol ink for an orange look.


I colored the area around the flowers with Olive Green Pinata Alcohol ink (two subsequent applications).


I colored the interior of the cuff with Olive Green Pinata Alcohol ink.


I added some more yellow Pinata Alcohol ink over the two layers of Olive Green Pinata Alcohol ink.


I varnished it with Triple Thick Glossy Varnish.

Now that my journey is approaching the end (no more than 7 more tutorials), it looks that it is getting more difficult. I have less interesting ideas than I had when I started out (maybe because I am a little bit tired), but I am still motivated to keep going and post my 31st tutorial as soon as possible.

Thank you for being there for me!

Inspired by


    1. Thank you so much! I found your article about watercolor batiking very interesting. I knew about Batik because I learned a little bit about silk painting but never though you could apply this technique to watercolors.

  1. What a great idea! This is absolutely beautiful!! I love the idea of using the can, too!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Love, love, love it!

  2. Beautiful – its uniqueness of design and form is what attracts me. Your creativity is off the charts ~ your mind must constantly be going.

    1. I am really grateful for these wonderful words. Mary, I must tell you that there are days when I have the impression that I will never ever have any creative idea again (that happens when I push myself too hard). But then I relax, I look at beautiful images (of jewelry, flowers, landscapes, I read something inspirational) and then the flow of ideas is coming back. I have learned a lesson though: if I don’t act on an idea (if I don’t make that piece of jewelry that moment or even that day), the clarity of the impression will never be the same again and I will never be able to make that piece of jewelry in the form in which I saw it in my mind. And in order to feed my creativity, I spend at least an hour daily looking at beautiful images (of jewelry, fashion, landscapes, etc.) and, out of nowhere, a picture of a door knob or a pattern on a dress makes me see that idea translated into jewelry.

      1. That is the telling of a true artist – your endeavors are unique and beautiful, from design to color and forms. Love them all and also learning your techniques.

    1. Thank you so much, Elena. I am fascinated by stained glass (be it religious [ I prefer the traditional stained glass church windows than Marc Chagall ] or Tiffany style) and I wanted to render this idea of bright colors and light with this design. Speaking of light, I loved the way you rendered the idea of light in your painting Illuminated: Thank you so much for appreciating my work! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

  3. Another fascinating process and I like your thoughts about trying to control creativity. It does come when it wants to, not when we want it. I think we have to put ourselves in the way of it though by keeping on working and being open. Your progress over this long project proves that

  4. Wow, that came out wonderfully. Before I started reading the words, I scrolled down a few pics and when I came to the can I thought the contents would be a ‘mental prop’ to get the creative juices flowing. Ha! Thank you for the follow too.

      1. The bowl is very beautiful and your intention is wonderful! I hope you will raise a lot of money with this charity project! Best wishes! Mihaela

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