The Art of Awareness Blog Hop


Thank you, Lori Anderson and Heather Millican for this Art of Awareness Blog Hop. Thank you, Heather from Swoondimples, for the wonderful bead and also for the extra bead. I have chosen a light pink bean bead with the message Grateful – .

By Mihaela Georgescu (1)

I am grateful for so many things…

I will start with those I mentioned in my themed necklace:

I am GRATEFUL because I am   HAPPY,

because I have LOVE, JOY and HEALTH in my life

because I can CREATE

But I am also grateful for my wonderful husband, for my son, for my family and friends, for my life that “recycled” me from a translator into a jewelry  making artist, for every person that admires my work or my courage to start something entirely new from scratch, for having the eyes to see and the heart to enjoy all the wonderful people and things that surround me.

I am very happy to be part of this blog hop.

Thank you for everything!





    1. Thank you, Mona for sharing your story! After reading some of the awareness blog hop posts, I realize how strong we are and that it is very important to listen to each other and to learn from each other. Let me quote your words that went directly to my heart: “Be Free. Be free of the anxiety, be free of the fears, be free to explore her/your dreams and grow her/your own butterfly wings” I will try to keep your words in mind through difficult times!

  1. Your necklace is beautiful! I love the colors of the leaves your chose to go with your bean bead and all the uplifting words. I believe that gratitude is a kind of magic that can help to make our lives happier. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I read your post and I think that you are a wonderful person and that you are very brave to be so open about yourself. Let me tell you that I resonated with your message: “Never give up. Not your life. Never surrender. You are stronger than you know, stronger than you might ever believe that you are. you have weathered so many storms already, and you will weather many more. No matter how dark things get, how hopeless, remember that there will always be someone who loves you.” It’s a wonderful thing to encourage each other. We all have ups and downs, but there are words like that which lift us up!

    1. Thank you very much, Lori! Thank you for organizing the blog hop and for all the efforts you put into allowing artists to show their work and to meet with other artists. This is wonderful! Best wishes! Mihaela

  2. Grateful,that you stopped in and found me. Your work is gorgeous and I am all about the beauty found in this world. When we stop to open and embrace the gifts we are given, when we open to the possibilities, this life becomes a magic place. Thank you for your magical gift this morning. Peace and love, Kim (zip)

    1. I am also grateful that you visited my blog and that you liked what you saw! I thank you for your truly amazing words and for the joy you brought to me. I loved your wonderful poems and I think that we are all so lucky because we can create (be it poems, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, technical items, etc.). Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      1. Thanks so much Mihaela, I love hand crafted pieces that hold the soul of an artist, alas, writing is my craft….😊 have an amazing day😊

      2. And when it rains, memories keep that happy blissful place in my mind to get me by till the sun comes out. So glad you enjoy my work, I appreciate it and thank you. Peace and blessings, Kim

      1. Dear Mihaela, thanks a lot for your encouragement !! I’m glad u liked my post. You are a wonderful jewellery artist and i am in awe of your creations… so so so beautiful.. keep it up !! Loads of love ❤

      2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I loved your inspirational blog! I also keep in mind the scene from the movie the Pursuit of Happiness and I will tell my son the same thing when he will be older! I thank you for encouraging me too! Wish you well! Mihaela

  3. What a great word to pick! Your necklace is very happy looking with it’s bright pink bead! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you very much, Gail! It really expresses what I feel for the wonderful things in my life. I wanted to tell you that I loved the necklace you made for the Awareness Blog Hop (front and back). I loved the combination of crystals and the green bead. (Just like you, I love crystals, golden seed beads and bicone crystals.) Great work!

      1. Oftentimes we behave like little mirrors about what we are receiving, but only a few have the heavenly virtue for take out the best of the others. In my opinion you’re the perfect example. I’m a privileged for your messages and for your excellent Art too!!!

      2. Your words touched me a lot and I thank you for encouraging me like that! I am honored that you take the time and write to me. Being appreciated by an artist like you means a lot to me. I wish you all the best from the heart!

      3. I only can tell you what I see. On the header of your blog I read ‘Artisan Jewelry’ but your works tell me you are a big true artist. I feel your words from your heart, the same place where grows your art. Have a nice day!

      4. In fact this is all I have: an immense love for art, colors, beads and an intense desire to create ( I had no prior artistic training – I am self-taught and this allows me to be free in my expression and in my way of thinking that everything is possible and that creation and imagination are limitless). Thank you for everything! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

      5. Picasso was a great admirer of the drawings made by children. Always she reminded that we unlearn to win our expression. I was self-taught, one day I went to college and acquired a lot of knowledges, in exchange for losing the freshness I had before entering. We should preserve our expression of the teachings. It is my opinion only. See you soon Mihaela!

    1. Dear Mary, thank you for appreciating my blog and my work. I think we have the same motivation: to look on the bright side and to inspire others to look on the bright side too. I loved the title of your book:” Life is full of Sweet Spots”! I am very glad to have met you! Best wishes! Mihaela

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