I was in mood for a colorful flower necklace for the summer. I wanted this necklace to be sunny and optimistic so I used a lot of yellow, a little bit of orange and the red to catch the eye. It’s always fun to work with canes – you have endless possibilities to make art beads (oval, tube, round, rondelle, flat square, coin, etc.).

I wanted to add that I offered this necklace to a dear friend and that she said she loved it and that she is wearing it all the time. That surely made me happy!

Materials and tools used: several colors of Fimo Professional Polymer Clay (yellow, dark red and light red,  green, gold, black),  a pasta machine, a blade, a toothpick, a craft knife, varnish.

I  conditioned the clay.

I  made a skinner blend from two colors (yellow and orange). A skinner blend means putting aside two colors (overlapping slightly) and folding the sheet and passing it through the pasta machine several times.



Then I put the sheet through a thinner setting and got a very long sheet.


I started folding it.


Then I rolled a log and I gave it a triangular shape.




I wrapped it in a thin sheet of  light green polymer clay.




And then in a thin sheet of gold clay.


And then I wrapped it in a thin sheet of black polymer clay.


And then it looked like this:


I reduced the cane (meaning that I pulled it between my fingers from the middle to the margins to make it longer and slimmer).


I cut the resulting log in 6 pieces (using the first piece as reference to cut the next ones).

I am preparing the center log. I made a skinner blend of the light and dark red clays.



Then I rolled the resulting sheet into a log and rolled it more to elongate it.





I wrapped it in black clay and cut out the excess clay.



it looked like this:


IMG_2332I am using it as a center to put the petals around it.




And I pressed gently to join them together.



I cut out a thicker slice to use it for the pendant and I am reducing the rest of the cane.



I put the slice on a black sheet of polymer clay and cut a round shape using the craft knife.

IMG_2419I created beads of several shapes and I decorated them with the cane slices.



I imprinted a pattern on the black clay using a toothpick.

I varnished everything and voila!

Thank you for reading my posts! Have a wonderful day!









  1. WOW.. I have never seen anything made like this! I do not have any artistic bones in my body…so it is amazing to me that you can just imagine what you want a piece to look like, and then create it. Like I! 👍

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words. I must yet contradict you: you are creative, I am creative, we are all creative. Except it takes time to discover your inner creativity. I considered for 32 years that I had a mathematical thinking (I was good in geometry and foreign languages), but that I was incapable of imagining or creating anything. I would not even try. But then, one day I decided to be less hard on myself and consider that I could do interesting things and just tried. In the beginning the results were awful, but I kept on trying. I really think that it is all about confiding in yourself and learning as much as you can. Creativity comes from putting together in a different way the things you have learned. Best wishes! Mihaela

  2. Hello. 🙂
    Your work is absolutely amazing! I would never have thought of using coloured clay to make pieces of jewellery but I absolutely love these. I can’t stop looking at them. What made you think of using clay?
    Nadine xx

    1. Thank you, Nadine, for your wonderful comment! I started working with polymer clay when I understood that I would be able to make my own beads (I bought a lot of beads – and I am still buying beads- but I always feel that I lack the color or shape that I would want for a particular design – especially cabochons or focals for bead embroidery). I like working with white polymer clay and adding color to it (using pastels, alcohol inks, acrylics, mica powders), but I also like mixing colors and using colored polymer clay (you will find so many colors and effects and you can always mix them further). Sometimes (after baking some pieces) the colors do not remain the same (in case of translucent colored clay), but it is always fun to try and see. The more you study polymer clay, the more you love it! And there are endless possibilities as to what you can create with it. Best wishes! Mihaela

      1. That’s so interesting! I have seen in bead shops here that many of them lack variety or they just have the same beads as everywhere else. I love how unique your pieces are. You are so wonderfully creative!
        I can imagine it’s fun to experiment with the colours.
        Thank you so much for sharing your passion with me. 🙂
        I wish you all the best! I shall certainly be making many more stops to your blog. -Nadine

      2. Dear Nadine, I am so happy that you like my jewelry pieces and my design ideas. In the end, after spending hours and hours on design ideas, you just need feedback to make sure you are on the right track. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. You are welcome anytime! Have a wonderful day! Mihaela

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