Polymer Clay Valentines Polymer Clay Tutorial

Polymer Clay Valentines

Polymer clay valentines - inspiration to create hollow hearts and then paint them in beautiful shiny colors

Hello dear friends!

I could not let this celebration of love and good vibes pass without sending you my love and heartfelt inspiration for your work with polymer clay. Or, in case you’re not working with polymer clay, I hope to put a smile on your face when you look at this piece of jewelry. Watch the tutorial to see the artistic tribulations behind the making of this neck piece!


I hope this tutorial will inspire you to create your own heart-shaped pieces.

To tell you a little secret: the heart clasp is in fact a fake clasp! In fact this magnetic clasp could not hold the weight of the statement beads (even though I tried to make them as light as possible using aluminium foil) so I had to use lobster clasps and a chain to secure the necklace.


I encourage you to play with mica powders, Fimo metallic powders and Diamond Glaze.  Me, I had two different results: in one case the mica powders did not mix with the glaze, instead they created a granulated effect under the transparent glaze. In the other case, they blended together and created a shiny pearlescent  mixture. Yet the two experiences led to wonderful results!

Tools and materials used:

  • Black polymer clay (I used Cernit black polymer clay)
  • A roller or a pasta machine (to condition the clay)
  • A heart-shaped cutter and a smaller square cutter
  • Gold, copper, blue, red russet, orange
  • Copper and silver gilding foils
  • Stencil
  • Copper Eye pins, Copper lobster clasps (2), Copper chain
  • Copper double jump rings and Copper jump rings
  • A rhinestone
  • Kato Polyclay
  • Transparent varnish (I used Cernit transparent varnish)
  • Diamond glaze
  • Weldbond adhesive
  • Gloves, brushes, baby wipes
  • A round ball tool, a needle , a craft knife and a rigid blade
  • Aluminum foil to fill the hearts
  • Round nose pliers

I hope you’ll use this inspiration in your work with polymer clay! I wish you a happy Valentine’s day and I  wish you to enjoy love and joy in your life in any other day of the year as well!

My best to you!


P.S. Join us in the Polymer Clay Adventure 2017!


Polymer clay Valentines - Polymer clay video tutorial


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