The best way to start a year

Celebrate your wins

Hello dear friends!

While I’m working relentlessly on my  course on polymer clay, I thought I should come by and say hello to all the wonderful people that encouraged me on my journey. I also wanted to wish you all a wonderful time in 2018 and I hope you’ll plan your year well and make the best of it. As you know, time is a limited resource. I need to remind myself of this concept because sometimes I tend to procrastinate…

So I started my year feeling grateful for all the wonderful gifts that life gave me and I wanted to celebrate my recent wins.  And more than the diplomas hanging on my wall, it’s the empowering things that I learned that count the most for me.

NYIAD Certificate

Certified Coach

Do you stop from time to time to celebrate your wins, to assess where you are and what are the actions to take to get you where you want to be?

I hope you do. Because this positive feeling will help you be more confident and more productive.

I’ll finish here this unusual post for a jewelry making blog, but not before wishing you a great and inspired day!

My best to you!




  1. Congratulations, Mihaela; your ‘wins’ are wonderful. It is such a great feeling to achieve a goal; and you’ve had some wonderful achievements to celebrate!
    I knew of your Jewelry Design Course, but not your Life Coach Course. Well done to you. I’ll really enjoy hearing all about that when you are ready to let us know what your plans are!
    Much Love to You
    Many Blessings

    1. Thank you my dear Carolyn! I feel that everything I achieve is a step forward in my growth. Yet, sometimes I get afraid of the mountain standing in front of me. And I have to remind myself that all comes in the perfect time and that we do everything one step at a time and then another one and then another one. Thank you, Carolyn, for your beautiful thoughts and for the positive energy that you’re radiating! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

      1. Indeed, Mihaela, what you’ve said speaks truth. We only need do ‘one step at a time’… And this will happen in ‘its’ good time; not in ours. Knowing this we can allow our path to unfold in its proper time; just as it has been planned by us/for us.
        Lots of Love to You, Dear Mihaela

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