Creativity boosting ideas and techniques – Free mini-course

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Hello dear friends!

I promised myself that this year I would really focus my attention and my energy into making a course that would revolve around creativity and polymer clay. These are two themes that I adore and that could be inspirational for other creative people as well.

I truly believe that we are all extremely creative. Some might express their creativity in arts, others in music, others in sciences and so on. There are so many ways to express our creativity… As a jewelry maker and a polymer clay teacher, I do my best to inspire and provide practical solutions for jewelry makers and crafters that deal with creative blocks.

So, I’ve made a mini-course  designed to boost creativity and also guide people interested in making and selling jewelry pieces to craft their vision related to making a side income by selling unique polymer clay jewelry pieces or jewelry pieces made with exquisite polymer clay art beads.

I invite you to watch the videos and download the complimentary PDF materials as well as the Creativity enhancing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) exercise in MP3 or OGG format on 

Thank you!

Have an amazing and creative day!

My best to you!


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