Faux Fabergé Egg polymer clay Tutorial REVAMPED – Easter polymer clay inspiration

Hello dear friends!

I’m very happy to receive feedback on my work and this is how I have a better understanding of what I do well and where I should improve. So, in time, feedback helped me understand that I should shorten my video tutorials (and I totally understand this, I also have a busy schedule and I love consuming interesting pieces of information in small chunks if possible). I also received beautiful comments that made me even happier to be doing what I do with all my heart.

So, a few days ago I received a comment from Erika, that made me realize that I had to take a decision about a short tutorial on which I tried the fast speed filming and it turned out to be a not so good idea:)

Anyway, due to Erika’s comment I realized that I could still revamp this tutorial and make it easy to understand, especially because this is a tutorial that I particularly like.

So here it is the new and improved version of the Faux Fabergé Egg Polymer Clay Tutorial.

Here’s the material list:

Polymer clay ( a small package) – I used Shiny Blue Cernit Polymer Clay + scrap clay to cover the egg
A craft egg
A Texture plate (a used Lisa Pavelka Paisley texture plate)
Mica powders (I used orange gold, Aztec gold and Blue Russet)
Gold leaf
A rigid blade and a flexible blade
Cernit transparent Varnish
A Swarovski cabochon
Weldbond adhesive
Kato Liquid Polyclay
An acrylic roller
A craft knife

An oven and an oven thermometer (recommended)

As always I hope that you found inspiration for your work with polymer clay in this tutorial and that you’re having a wonderful creative time with your Easter inspired projects.

Happy claying!



    1. Thank you, Megala, for your beautiful words. I’m glad that you liked it. I like this piece very much as well and I’m happy to see that it is appreciated. Have a beautiful and joy-filled day!

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