Clay decorated tabletop water fountain

Hello dear friends!

I hope you’re having a great time today. I wish you lots of happy love-filled moments, today and everyday.

I’ve just finished a tabletop water fountain that I decorated with polymer clay and my son helped me making the polymer clay tiles. Which makes this water fountain even more beautiful in my eyes.

This project is great for recycling Styrofoam and foam used to protect electronic items during transportation. And if you decide to use paper maché to cover the base, you’ll find an easy paper maché recipe (you’ll need flour, water and salt) and newspapers (or any other papers that you want to recycle) and cover your base. You can afterwards paint it with acrylics and give it an interesting look.

I used Powertex (also called Paverpol), a fabric hardener (that you can use with lots of fabrics and other materials) and Stone Art for the faux stone look.

You’ll need a varnish that is waterproof. This is very important. It is also very important to use a water-based waterproof varnish on top of the polymer clay tiles.

I covered the base with Powertex (brown Powertex for the first two layers and white Powertex for the top one – I had to, there was no more brown Powertex – but after waiting for it to dry I painted the top layer with brown acrylic paint to have the same effect on all the layers).

I added Stone Art for a faux stone effect. Powertex Stone Art is a special Paper Maché powder that adds a wonderful finish to Powertex pieces.

After drying, I applied the varnish.

Then my son and I prepared the polymer clay tiles. He prepared the mica colored tiles and I prepared the golden wax decorated clay plates.

We prepared a lot of clay decorations.

I mixed light brown acrylic paint and black acrylic paint to get a dark brown color that I used to color the top layer. Then I added Stone Art on top of this layer as well.

The polymer clay tiles are not baked at. We just tried them on to see how they look on the piece.

I used clay to make a conduit for the water. I’ve drilled holes into the conduit with a sharp object.

Then I baked all the pieces at the temperature recommended by the polymer clay manufacturer for 30 minutes.

I used the glue gun to glue all the clay pieces, including the clay conduit.

Don’t forget to apply varnish (water-based polymer clay compatible varnish) to protect your pieces.

Don’t forget to add stones for a beautiful natural effect.

I finished by adding water, the submersible vertical water pump and the submersible LED strip with the power cord attached.

And now I enjoy the soothing sound of our beautiful tabletop water fountain.

As always I hope that you’re inspired to create more using polymer clay.

Happy claying!


P.S. The Polymer Clay Symposium is an enormous success! You still have time to watch some amazing clay classes:)


    1. Thank you, Anita! I have to admit that I like it very much. Especially because it was a project that involved my son as well. As you said, it is memorable because we worked together and he was very happy to make the clay decorations. Have an amazing week-end!

    1. Thank you very much, Inese! We really wanted to have our own tabletop water fountain and now we have it. I also wanted to show my son that we can do ourselves at least some of the things we’d like to have with no need to buy them from the shop.
      Thank you also for visiting my blog! Have a beautiful and inspired day!

  1. Este foarte frumoasă! Felicitări ție și fiului tău pentru rezultatul muncii voastre!
    O zi frumoasă și plină de tot Binele ce vi-l doriți, în fiecare zi!

    1. Multumesc din suflet, Manuela! Nu era prevazut ca baiatul meu sa apara, insa a fost tare simpatic si mereu vrea sa ma ajute si am hotarat sa nu tai la editare partea cand apare el. Iti multumesc pentru mesaj si pentru articolele frumoase pe care le publici despre Romania si despre înălțarea noastra spirituala. Iti urez numai bine, multa sanatate si o saptamana liniștita!

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