Ecstatic Flame


sb14_e62g_300Ecstatic Flame

I am proud to be featured in the Gallery of Designs of Fire Mountain Gems. And being a Finalist is a good start for a translator turned into a Jewelry Artist. I am a self-taught artist and I learned a lot by admiring this Gallery of Designs. I have learned from other artists, from Youtube tutorials and most of all from Sherry Serafini who is my favorite Beading Artist. I love beading contests because I like competing, not really with other artists (because I am amazed by every piece of artisan jewelry), but with myself – in my quest of finding my voice as an artist and my inner creativity.

I have created this statement necklace using satin fabric (which I have painted with textile colors to make it more vivid), cat’s eye cabochons, miracle beads, crystals and a lot of seed beads. The focal piece is represented by a glass cabochon which I have painted with Fantasy Moon paintings. I have also used soutache braid in my attempt of using materials in a different way (this is not really the classical way in which we use soutache in soutache jewelry).


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